Wednesday 16 April 2014

by Cassandra Donnelly

I Will Rejoice In My God


A mixed media piece using watercolors, tissue paper, stamps, and permanent markers, saying, "I will rejoice in my God for He is worthy to be praised." This is really a worship piece about God's goodness and love being so wonderful and awesome that it overpowers all the dark moments and uncertainty, bringing beauty to each moment we may experience-regardless.

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The Worshipping Heart And The Anointing Of Colors


This is a chalk pastel drawing edited on photoshop. It represents an experience I had once at church where I was worshipping God in song and dance, and He rained down a "color anointing." That was when he released visions to me as well as more anointing for artwork to capture his heart. I didn't have any visions that day but he did also give me prophetic songs in tongues which I began singing. God is so funny and fun!

Mystery Poster


"For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open" (Mark 4:22). 

This painting went through many and many layers and transformations. It started out as one thing, "colorful windows' and then just evolved. I could hardly stop working on it, but as I finally let go and settled down to rest God kept speaking to me, saying, "I will reveal deep and hidden myteries." Over and over he said this to me, and started giving me images of things he wanted me to include in the artwork. Can you find them? There are hidden things to be revealed...It's all I could do not to get up again in the middle of the night to finish it, but I resisted so I could be well rested the next day to finish it, and luckily God did not let me forget anything. God is doing amazing things this new season, and is ready to releae increaed revelation. It's an exciting time! Rescue, healing, deliverance, and transformation is on the way through the blood of Jesus.

About Cassandra:

Hampton, VA - United States

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