Saturday 10 May 2014

by Sharon Elliott

Learn From Me


This statue of Jesus in inscribed at the bottom "Discite A Me", latin for Learn From Me. 

At my church we have Eucharistic Adoration, and my night to open the chapel is Wed. night. One night as I was sitting conversing with Jesus, I picked up a book that I often read while I am there and I read....."It was as though my best loved friend was right beside me and I never lifted my eyes to see Him, and so was unaware of His presence." I closed my eyes and felt so overwhelmingly, Jesus presence with me at that very moment. As I often do when I feel this way, I didn't open my eyes, I just sat there in the warmth of His love. I am always afraid that if I open my eyes He will go away. 
The second half of this creation...."Lord stay with me so that I may hear Your voice and follow You", is part of another prayer that I read from Padre Pio. I pray that I will always hear His voice, that I am always aware of His presence. It all just seems to fit.

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Weeping Angel II


Weeping angel II, beautiful detailed sculpture and verse.

About Sharon:

I have an incredible love for the out doors, followed by my love to photograph all of creation. I have been doing this for many years and have quite a huge collection of images and prints. I think, without a doubt, that my favorite thing to photograph is the finite detail of nature, next would be wildlife, and scenics. Some of my favorite locations are Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park, Crater Lake, Banff Alberta, and the West Coast. I love being where there is alot of fresh air and a trail to hike. I also enjoy kayaking, snowshoeing, and x-country skiing. All of these give me unlimited opportunity to do what I love so I can share what I see with you.

I do very little enhancing in my images, so everything you see is just the way it was. I love the natural. Anything that I enhance, I will create a special file for. If there is a particular subject you would like to see more images, just contact me through e-mail and I will search my files.

All of my work is Copyright protected and may not be printed or reproduced, used for advertising or promotional purposes, or sold without written permission from myself.

Spokane, WA - United States

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