Saturday 7 June 2014

by Kim Booth

The Steps Of A Good Man

Life On The Mountain

My Light

Trust His Heart


While in Cades Cove during the fall of 2013, I was hoping to capture some vibrant wildlife images. As is usually the case, there was a thick fog in the Cove that day which greatly limited my ability to capture wildlife but oh how it added to the landscape pictures. The mood of this picture tells me that, even though we don't know what is around the corner in life, we trust that God is good and will supply our every need!

God Knows


While traveling through Cades Cove one autumn morning the well expected fog was present. I hoped against hope that the fog WOULDN'T be there as I wanted to catch vibrant pictures that morning of wildlife. However, after seeing that the fog was indeed there, I decided to make the best of it and was able to capture some stunning images - the fog simply helped to create mood and ambience for God's already beautiful creation! The path that seems to lead to nowhere because of the fog reminds me of life sometimes - but God knows our journey - all we need to do is walk in faith! 

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About Kim:

I have been enjoying photography for the past few years. I fell into this wonderful art form quite by accident. While I do portrait work, my favorite is nature and landscapes. I also enjoy taking a beautiful scene, creating an image that depicts that beauty and then enhance it with rich textures, deep saturation and then top the image off with an inspirational saying or scripture verse. It's what I call Inspirational Art! My images are perfect for greeting cards, a canvas or a framed image for your home.

Spring Hill, TN - United States

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