Thursday 12 June 2014

by Kirt Tisdale



One lonely rock climber as he starts his ascent on a sheer granite cliff. That is "Determination".

Living Water


This photograph was taken of Twin Falls in Twin Falls State Park outside of North Bend, Washington. The picture has an overlay with a biblical quote from John 7.

He Will Show You


This inspiration art print uses a watercolor I did of a hiking trail near Issaquah, Washington. I have framed it and added a biblical quote at the bottom. The quote is from Proverbs 3: 4-6.

On The Path


This art print has a passage from Psalm 16 framed with a photograph I took on a hiking path in the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest.

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About Kirt:

I have been creating art since I can remember. I have been blessed with having my work featured in various venues. What drives me is the beauty in the world with which we live. I remember as a kid looking up at the clouds and watching them change shape...if they could only stay in one shape long enough for me to enjoy and appreciate them....but that's not how it works. What I can do though is take a moment and freeze it. The beauty around us needs to be savored, contemplated and appreciated. Good art invokes an emotional response either through the scene depicted or the colors used. I hope my work invokes the same in you.

Goodyear, AZ - United States

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