Thursday 11 September 2014

Thecla Correya

St. George


Since I was baptized in St. George's Church, Cochin, Kerala, St. George is one of my favourite patron saint. One version of the legendary story says that while passing through a village in Libya he heard that a princess was to be sacrificed to a dragon. St. George sent her back to the palace and slayed the dragon with the power of the cross.

Flowers Of God

Flowers of God
Pink and peach lot of hues,
it's a wonder but its true,
many variations of different flowers,
how many has the Lord,
created, I wonder.

Thecla Correya

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About Thecla:

I am a self taught artist. Love for art started at the age of 9 as my eyes fell on my sister's painting. Holiday time was art most of the time. Loved different forms of art, but passion remained painting. Nature's mystical beauty is enchanting. Flowers, birds, animals, streams, ocean, universe everything is so captivating. Enfolding it creates joy through art and I hope it gives you joy too. It's extremely interesting to dodge with colors, dark or bright, varied subjects and varied styles.

I have been working in the corporate field for the last 25 years, but now there is a tug in my heart to follow art.

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

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