Monday 14 December 2015

Celtic Memories
Maria Hunt

Celtic Memories

My favorite vacation was spent with friends taking a driving tour of Scotland. As we drove, I stored scenes from special places in order to create a painting. Sadly, "Celtic Memories" rested for 6 years in an "Unfinished Works" file, waiting for the artist to figure out how to complete the scenes behind the cross. To me, the Celtic Cross became the symbol of the merging of the Celts into the Christian church. In the lower left corner, sunrise on the Isle of Iona, birthplace of the "Book of Kells" was where I wandered through the ruins. Fields of hay were an unexpected treat, as we drove through the countryside. The Wee Kirk stood in a field, beside the road we traveled. On the side of the road, the Scottish symbol, thistles. bordered the edges of the field. I was taken by the castle reflections in the lake (upper Left) and the heather on the hillsides (Upper Right). The use of wet-into-wet painting had allowed the colors to flow.. the stumbling block for me was, "what to do with a large swath of lavender and gold on the right half of the paper and the lower section. " The Isle of Iona on the lower left handled that part of the problem. Fields of harvested hay handled the lower right..., and the solution for the large swath of lavender was the fish created with Celtic knots.

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