Wednesday 2 April 2014

by Amanda Stadther

The Bible


Altar and Bible, The Church of the Assumption, St Paul, Minnesota.

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About Amanda:

I specialize in unique photography from remote corners of the earth including the Antarctic Continent, the wild West Coast of New Zealand's South Island and most recently, the frozen corners of Minnesota.

In the galleries are a diverse range of images. From penguins and the turquoise blue icebergs of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, to the wild places of New Zealand and the skyscrapers of Minneapolis. I have also spent many years traveling and photographing the wild animals of Africa and the people of remote India .

Over recent weeks I have added many new images of Minnesota's record breaking winter including thousands of Trumpeter Swans wintering in Monticello and rare High Dynamic Range photographs of the interior of the infamous, but beautiful, Glensheen Mansion in Duluth. I found plate ice scattered on the frozen shores of Lake Superior, took some evening photos in downtown St Paul and when the cold all got a bit much, I photographed the beautiful spring flower display at the Sunken Gardens at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in St Paul, the new St Paul Union Station and the Minnesota State Capitol.

As spring (supposedly!) arrives I have spent the last month photography some of the beautiful church interiors you will ever see. My work is of the highest quality and best of all - very affordable.

Recently one of my King Penguin photographs was chosen by the Smithsonian Magazine as 'Photograph of the Day' on February 21, 2014. Please feel free to check out my travel blogs on this site.

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Minneapolis, MN - United States

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