Wednesday 30 April 2014

by Dave Wood

Prayer Of Serenity


This artwork was written originally on vellum with sumi and illustrated with gouache. The design and lettering conveys a sense of the medieval prints and is an elegant work of art.

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Prayer Of Serenity


The artwork was printed from the original written in Sumi (Japanese ink) on Vellum with the illustration in gouache. The Prayer of Serenity is a very well known text and it is now available to you all as this beautiful print.

About Dave:

As a young boy I was always fascinated with drawing but was the worst hand writer in the class! Having no idea of the direction my life would take when I left school, I literally stumbled into an apprenticeship as a poster writer. During this time at Art School, studying graphic design, I became enthralled with the art of beautiful handwriting and pen lettering.

During my career as a freelance graphic designer in New Zealand I maintained this interest. My appetite for information continued and in the 1980’s I was fortunate enough to attend a one week workshop by an extraordinarily talented English Calligrapher, Donald Jackson, Calligrapher to H M Queen Elizabeth. This cemented my understanding of the essence of calligraphy and from that point I have continued to develop my own very recognisable and distinctive style of lettering.

In 1991 my peers awarded me a Fellowship to the Society of Scribes & Illuminators in London, becoming one of only two Fellows in Australia and one of approximately 70 throughout the world.

In 1994 I opened Australia’s first Calligraphy Art Gallery south of Sydney at Batemans Bay where my work was acquired by collectors from all over the world. I now live in a small town just out of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

My work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand as well as overseas and is held in many private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally. I have also taught internationally over the years, including workshops throughout the USA, Japan, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand.

I continue striving to create sensitive and unique works of art. Every day is a challenge to expand my creative horizons. I enjoy my time in my studio designing and creating works of art, either on a commission basis, in collaboration with other artisans or simply creating an original and unusual Artist's Book. My work is my passion!

Pomona, Qld - Australia

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