Sunday 6 July 2014

by Mary Jo Allen

Inspirational Rhododendron


Because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips will praise You is from Psalms 63:3. God's lovingkindness is one of my favorite topics in the Bible. It's one of those things that our finite minds cannot comprehend about God and how He loves us. I've created this gallery of images with inspirational words to remind all of us of God's greatness.



Within the palm of His hand the Lord God holds and protects us. The tip of one flower petal is protected from the front by the arch of another larger petal and from the top by a third petal arching over it. Protected is a macro photograph of dahlia petals using a blending of soft, out of focus areas contrasting with sharpness highlighting just the edge of the petals. This technique focuses the viewer's attention on the repeating design and pattern found within the flower. Mary Jo Allen has specialized in this way of delving deeper into flowers and calls it ColorBlur. Looking deep into a pink and white dahlia blossom reveals gentle, soft layers of petals. This image speaks to the soul of the softness and love that only a flower can bring.

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About Mary Jo:

I've been a professional photographer for 30+ years. My degree is in microbiology and I did research work in that field for 3 years which sounds glamourous and exciting but in reality I found it to be repetitive and uninspiring. It does explain my interest in the tiny world and my desire to understand how things work. I've always said I could be a professional student as I love to learn new things and photography certainly does provide that opportunity. Even after all these years I continue to learn new things every day. I find photography to be the perfect blend of science and art.

Most recently, some of my favorite work has been in the area of macro photography, especially the beautiful world of flowers. I'm looking for not only the documentary recording of what a flower looks like, but also taking a closer look and finding ways of expressing a more artistic and abstract view using color, curves, lines, lighting and softness to create interesting compositions. I love finding beauty in smplicity: just the edge of a rose petal, the sensuous curve hidden inside a flower, the way the morning dew clings and shimmers in the sunrise, a synthesis of color, light and softness, blending the magnificent with the minute; these are the things that make my soul sing a soaring melody of thanks to the Creator.

I also love other expressions of nature and also am fascinated by mechanical inventions of mankind as you can see by the various galleries of my work.

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Lake Forest Park, WA - United States

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