Sunday 13 December 2015

Loaves And Fishes
Graham Braddock

Loaves And Fishes

It's not what we have, or how much we have, but whose hands we put it in, that makes the difference. The story of the feeding of the 5000 from Mark chapter 6 is also the story of my own journey into professional fine art. God delights in working wonders through the little of what we are and have.

Today, as needs and opportunities multiply around us, He is still in the business of taking what is voluntarily given to Him and making it more than enough.

This piece has been already SOLD.

Please feel free to contact the artist directly regarding this or other pieces.

  Matthew 14:13-21  
  Mark 6:31-44  
  Luke 9:10-17  
  John 6:5-15  

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