Tuesday 3 June 2014

by Cynthia Sheffield

Different Names Of Christ Jesus


There are different names in the Bible depicting Jesus Christ. The Lion of Judah, Lamb of God, Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon, etc. Finally the butterfly is the symbol of new birth, or born again.

The original work is currently for sale. At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original by clicking on the picture links below.

About Cynthia

My favorite medium is acrylic on stretched canvas. I love the feel of the brush in my hand and have this burning desire to create beauty whether it be in the form of a portrait, seascape, landscape, or still life. All of my work is done free hand as I first started drawing at age six. People encouraged me to be an artist based on the drawings that even at that young tender age were realistic. Later I transitioned to acrylics learning to master my own particular techniques and style as I am self taught. I have a passionate love for God's creation whether it be in the form of the human body or the beautiful things He created. That is where I draw my inspiration from and apply to my canvas.

I received the award, 'Best In Acrylics' in Warrenton, Georgia competing with other fine artists.

I presently live in Martinez, Georgia. Martinez is unincorporated and most people know us by Augusta, Georgia the home of the famous golf tournament held every April. Many celebrities flock to our town with news media for coverage of that famous tournament.

I am blessed to live here with incredible beauty in the form of Clark's Hill Lake and Augusta is known as the Garden City. So I have an abundance of inspiration by way of flowers and nature which I translate onto my canvas!

A portrait I did of a cherished woman in a close knit Italian family hangs on a wall in Italy! My Landscape paintings, portraits of children, adults and pets hang on the walls of homes across the United States as well. A painting of a majestic lion in all his glory and strength graces the wall of a law office in Georgia. So don't be surprised if someday you see one of my paintings proudly displayed in someone's home or office!'

One of my paintings on Fine Art America, 'Hope' was donated to Animal Aid Foundation, Dawsonville, Georgia. The painting was used to raise money for this animal rescue. Anyone purchasing a print of 'Hope' on FAA all of the proceeds will go to this charity. I love domestic animals and this was my way of helping.

Augusta, GA - United States

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