Friday 9 October 2015

"The Durham Light Infantry "

When the above photograph was first published the caption read:

The Spirit of Victory

The Cheering Men of a Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry

Most of these Men are from Sunderland


They could have been in any of a number of different regiments of the DLI

But it is likely as the caption says, "Most of these men are from Sunderland" that the photograph includes those of the 20th Division of the DLI

Known as the Wearside Division


Continued from previous post:

Ten years before that in 1917 the Durham Light Infantry fought in the First World War.

They were the only British regiment that fought in every major battle that included British troops. No other regiment claimed more battle honours in the First World War than the Durham Light Infantry.

The men of Sunderland were there in every battle.

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