Tuesday 13 May 2014

by Hazel Holland

I Am Will Calm Your Sea


After writing the following word from God's heart one morning I was inspired to paint this watercolor later that same day as I thought about a young friend of mine who was going through a difficult time in her life... 

When the situation looked the most impossible to the disciples, that's when Jesus came walking on the water...stepping through the whitecaps towards them as if the angry sea were mere asphalt. Can you hear His welcome voice as it thundered with power and authority in the midst of that storm? 

"It is I... don't be afraid! 

Just as Jesus, the great "I AM" calmed the sea that stormy night and brought the disciples safely to the shore, so He comes striding across the turbulent sea of your life. With a voice more powerful than any wind of adversity, He says to you right now: 

"I am Yahweh! Don't be afraid! I AM with you! I will calm the sea of your troubled heart. I will go deeper than the deepest ocean and heal the source of your fear and pain." 

"I AM the Word by whom all things were made, and My Word will not return to Me void. It will accomplish that which I have purposed in My heart for you, My beloved!" 

"Two thousand years ago I would not let the crowds make Me a King, but today I will let you make Me King of your heart. Let Me step into the restless sea of your anxious thoughts and emotions and quiet your spirit with My love." 

"Let Me hold you as I sing over you. Let Me lead you as we dance over the whitecaps on this turbulent sea of life together. Let Me bring you safely to shore on the other side..

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