Sunday 13 December 2015

Graham Braddock

Come Lord Come

O, that You would rend the heavens and come down that the mountains might flow down to make Your name known that the nations may tremble at Your presence. Isaiah 64 v 1-2.

This painting is all about big picture reality and ultimate values. It was created as a talking point, a reminder to live our lives in the light of the Kingdom of God being established on Earth.

Divine breakthroughs are occurring at this moment in different parts of the world. The degree that a society is transformed is determined by the local believers. The keys are their measure of unity and desperation for an outpouring of God's Spirit.

There are many places that are darkened by ignorance, corruption, or apathy. Chaos, violence and destruction lurk out on the horizon. As divine intervention occurs, the dark beings inhabiting those hellish fires lose influence and are put to flight.

The conflict between light and darkness is becoming more acute. A vast throng, made up of people from every tribe and every nation, which no man can number, is being assembled. They worship and serve the coming King. The stage is being set for the ultimate breakthrough.

This original painting is currently for sale. At the present time, originals are not offered for sale through the Fine Art America secure checkout system. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about purchasing this original.

  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - wikipedia  

Rider On A White Horse

Nimrods Castle, Northern Galilee, Israel. This majestic medieval ruin, the scene of many bloody conflicts, is perched in the mountains, close to the Golan Heights. This symbol of human government, ambition, power, transience, - is broken and crumbling.
Apocalyptic troubles ride the storm clouds up ahead.

But see beyond, a Rider on a White Horse is coming. His sceptre is in His hand. His eyes are like blazing fire. He alone is worthy to rule the nations, for He made them and bought them with His blood. See Revelation 19 v 11-16.

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